Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Short term mobility in Austria: 13/12/2021 - 17/12/2021



1st short term mobility in Austria, with students from all the countries participating in the project 
After hard months during 2020/2021 due to Covid-19 we plan our short term mobilities for students beginning in december 2021.
This PADLET shows the participants of the meeting: 

Erasmus+ e-CH@T meeting Austria

 There have been a lot of activities done such as: 
- Icebreaking activities
- Presentation about Spanish, Italian and Austrian cultural heritage
- Cooking activities 
- International lunch
- Goosechase
- Sport activities 
- Job shadowing

Students have enjoyed their short mobility in Austria.

Here, doing their presentation about local history and healthy food.








 Tour around the Austrian school. Austrian students shows their school to Italian and Spanish students







Cooking and sports activities








Visit to two towns of Burgenlad and learn about them: Eisenstadt and Rust

This year, it's the 100 anniversary of the Burgenland and we have taken some pictures in the photocalls located around the city.


Goose chase


Students have participated in a treasure hunt organized by the Austrian team: a Goose chase.

The participant teams, formed by a mix of students of all the countries participating in the project, have walked the Austrian city of Oberpullendorf looking for the clues given. They have had to send pictures demonstrating they'd been in certain places, even sing a Christmas song !











In the control center, teachers were following their progress.


It has been a really good an interesting activity.

They even had to sing a Christmas song



Monday, 11 October 2021

K229 Erasmus “E-ch@t” project in Covid-19 times (continue...)


Videoconference 08-10-2021

Members:  Italy, Austria, Spain

On Friday, 8th October 2021, the members of Erasmus K229 E-ch@t project

 have had another videoconference talking about next steps in our project.


We've revising all the does in progress, using Paddlet to organize them.


We've been optimistic about the possibility of being able to do our short mobilities.



Fingers crossed (or thumbs pressed as our Austrian colleagues say). 

Monday, 26 October 2020

K229 Erasmus “E-ch@t” project in Covid-19 times



Videoconference 16-10-2020

Members:  Italy, Austria, Spain

On Friday, 16th October 2020, the members of Erasmus K229 E-ch@t project

 have had a videoconference talking about next steps to follow keeping alive our project.

That’s been a grateful meeting, we all have been very glad for seeing each other and

 exchanging points of view.



Saturday, 30 November 2019



26 - 28 November 2019

Coordinators meeting

BHAK und BHAS high school

Last 25th November the coordinators of the KA229 Erasmus+ met in  Oberpullendorf an Austrian town placed in the south of Vien in Austria to gather with the main coordinator of the project, Sigrid Murschenhof and the other two Italian coordinators, Piera di Giorgi and Loredana Lippolis. The KA229 project is named "European Cultural Heritage and ecotourism" and it is based on working these two topics in the three schools in Austria, Italy and Spain with all the students. 
The meeting took place in the secondary school “BHAK und BHAS Oberpullendorf” where all the tasks to be carried out were planned to do in each school when visiting it from the next January 2020. Another aspect of this project of school mobility is to move students of secondary schools for short and long term mobilities. A maximum of six students will visit the school of Austria and Italy for a week and other students for long term mobilities will study for two months also in Austria and Italy. Our school will receive also short and long term students during these school years.


   Working sessions of the project - KA2 coordinators

Activities based on the European, national, local  cultural heritage and ecotourism were planned during the working sessions as well as the ones to encourage the enterpreneurship in the students´ professional careers. This topic is framed within the European Commission objectives to reach in the citizenship and we as teachers are the ones to make it possible at schools with these types of projects.

We were received by the Major of Oberpullendorf to comment him our project and the impact of the town in the future  and at the same time he showed us the Town Hall.

Oberpullendorf Town Hall and meeting with his Major

We had the chance to visit an ecologic winery called "Weingut Maria Kerschbaum", where all the coordinators and other teachers could have a taste of different types of grapes and ecologic wines. This was a good example of enterpreneurship that use ecotourism to strengthen the local economy. 

   Ecologic winery and typical Austrian food with meat

Another activity for this visit was to do a job shadowing in the BHAK und BHAS Oberpullendorf visiting the following classes: English, Spanish, Marketing online and Computering.
During the break time teachers at school had the chance to taste typical "turrones" from Spain and we all could taste their typical Austrian cakes called "Kuchen"


Typical Austrian cakes "Kuchen" and Spanish "turrón"

School's Headmaster with the KA2 coordinators team

Finally on 29th we returned to our countries and we set up the following short mobility in Italy in Gioia del Colle, in Bari with students of our schools. In January our school will be receiving students from Austria for long term mobilities for two months and they will study in our school and live with some host families with our students.

Here are some remarkable photos of this meeting in Oberpullendorf.

     outside school main entrance

ground floor hall

                                                                                 mediation room  



                                                                           music classroom

                                                                          outside sport areas 

lockers and open areas outside classrooms to work

Short term mobility in Austria: 13/12/2021 - 17/12/2021

      1st short term mobility in Austria, with students from all the countries participating in the project    After hard months during 2020...