Friday 15 July 2022

Our Erasmus+ pannel


All along the project we have been gathering pictures of our experiences and finally we got this cute pannel.

Hope you like it !

Our final video

 Here you can see a video sumarizing our project.

Spanish meeting


Italian, Austrian and Spanish schools meeting at Spanish School IES Alto Guadiana. 

Erasmus+ program

‘European Cultural Heritage and Ecotourism’ : E-CH@T

From April 25th to 29th, 2022 schools participating in the Erasmus+ program  E-CH@T gathered at Spanish school IES Alto Guadiana in a short mobility meeting:  students and teachers from Bhak Bhas school (Oberpullendorf, Austria), I.I.S.S. Licei Canudo-Marone-ITI Galilei (Giogia del Colle, Italia) and IES Alto Guadiana (Tomelloso, Spain).

Students were willing to have this meeting because they have formed very good bonds among them in the previous meetings in Austria and Italy. All of them have been excellent hosts whenever students and teachers have visited their school, city and country.

Monday, April 25th

After the school wellcome and show the school and ways of work, students participated in an icebreaking activity. Math teachers had prepared an original math Origami challenge that students, organized in country mixed groups had to solve.


Around midmorning, the group headed to the city hall, where the mayoress,  Inmaculada Jiménez, and the councilwoman in charge of education, Nazareth Rodrigo,  were wating to wellcome us.

After that, all of us went to visit a prívate cave, were wine is stored (thanks to the owner, Manuel Jiménez for being so polite  showing it and teaching to us).

Then, we returned to the school, making a pause to have lunch.

At 4PM we took part in a guided visit to Bodegas Peinado (Brandy destillery). Thanks again to Víctor Gallego, the manager, for being so kind and professional.

Tuesday, April 26th

Other aims of our Project, apart from Cultural Heritage, are ecological and sport activities, ¿what a better place to do that than Rudiera Lakes National Park near us?

The 3 schools participating in the Erasmus+ Project went to Ruidera, where we practised several sport guided activities (kayak and hiking). Teachers and students expressed  they liked it a lot, so activities as environment.

Wednesday, April 27th

Cultural heritage, another aim of our Erasmus+ Project.

We headed to Toledo,  where we could enjoy a guided visit by Luis Gómez de Ávila Portillo, an excelent guide that showed us the most emblematic places in the City of river Tajo.

From Zocodover’s square we went into this rambling city where many different cultures got along (Muslim, Jewish, Christian) and still many vestiges and buildings are remaining and were explained by our guide even adding some anecdotes. During the two hours visit we were  in the Cathedral, the Cristo de la Luz Mosque, the Santo Tomé Church (where “El entierro del Señor de Orgaz painting the masterpiece from El Greco is), and Jesuitas and San Juan de los Reyes churches.

After a deserved rest, in the afternoon we were taking panoramic pictures from different points of the city such as Puerta de Bisagra and del Sol, San Martín de Alcántara bridge and the overlook of Valle.

Jueves, 28 de abril

The group went to Almagro, Valdepeñas and Campo de Criptana cities.

At Campo de Criptana we could enjoy a guided tour by Carmen Alberca Lucerón.

The guide showed us one of the windmills placed in La Sierra de los Molinos, one of the famous windmills inmortalized in the novel by Cervantes, Don Quijote de la Mancha, where they were mistaken by giants. Inside we could see mill stones, the store places and the “ventanucos” (windows) that helped the mill owner to know where he must put the conic cover for the impressive blades took better advantage of the wind.

After a short walk we went into the old places of the city, el barrio del Albaicín, with its typical houses painted in blue indigo and white; the guide told us stories and legends about that.

We could take pictures from a privileged view where the windmills are located.

Viernes, 29 de abril

Last day of our delegations meeting.

During the morning, students atended and participated in different classes, what a joy was seeing their excited faces getting along.

Teachers did job shadowing activities and coordination meetings.

From midmorning, all of the participants in the project gathered to work in their assigned jobs: presentations, articles, videos, contests, …

In the final of the morning we procceed to the recognition and certifications for the participants and then we ate altogether.

Finally all of us said goodbye with plain satisfaction for a good work done and the understanding and get along achieved so as the friendship built up.

Our intention is to continue participating in these kind of projects that we know, first hand, they are really positive for the academic and personal growth of our students.

¡Thank you all of you that have made  this posible¡



Our Erasmus+ pannel

  All along the project we have been gathering pictures of our experiences and finally we got this cute pannel. Hope you like it !